Friday, April 14, 2017

Top 5 Interview Strategies You Need To Have As a Job Seeker

Most interviews are set up to test or ascertain a potential employee's core competencies. Generally, interviews are never a true test of abilities, but they are however conducted to find out what sets of experiences and skills a candidate who applied for a particular job is bringing to the position and the organization at large.

Having a successful interview depends much on the interview strategies the interviewee has at his or her disposal. 

In this post, i am going to outline some of the vital interview strategies job seekers must be armed with in order to be guaranteed a successful interview. 

1.Background Checks and Information Gathering. 

This is probably what most job seekers forget to do and have never considered it to be an important  interview strategic tool. Information gathering about the organization you are seeking employment with is very important. Visiting the company's website to retrieve information is one way i always recommend in mining relevant details. 

2.Rehearse Possible Interview Questions. 

Envisage possible interview questions that might be related to the position you applied for and prepare a comprehensive answer to the questions. It might be helpful to list them down so that it is easier to rehearse. Know your core competencies very well as most of the interview questions are likely to come from your area of expertise. 

  3. Be Punctual. 

Do not operate on "better late than never" principle as all interview needs ample of time to prepare for. Arriving at the interview venue on time gives one enough time to prepare oneself for the real deal. This interview strategy is so important and is most often taken for granted. 

4. Don’t Fake, Just Be Real. 

Don’t try to impress your interviewer by dishing out myriads of fake information regarding your experience, skills and qualifications. Be real, truthful, try to listen more, ask questions when not cleared and put yourself at ease. 

5. Show The Passion To Work With Them. 

Now that the interview is coming to an end, before taking your leave, try to compliment your interviewer for deeming you fit for selection for the interview. Express how much you look forward to working with their organization. 

There is also nothing wrong in following up the process with a thank you mail to your interviewer thanking them for the opportunity given to you. A thank you mail is an important post interview strategy must people often fail to take advantage of.
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