Friday, April 14, 2017

How To Improve Your Written English For College Essays

Effective essay writing consists of coherence of ideas, logical flow of facts and arguments, a connection between paragraphs, proper grammar, and maintenance of high language standards. This is a real challenge for the students. 
Advanced writing skills require constituency, accuracy, and responsibility. Even though college essay writing is a part of the education process, some students try to avoid it ordering papers online. Yet, enhancing your essay writing efficiency does not take too much time. We provide you with several tools that will help you make a step ahead in your writing and improve the quality of your papers.

1. Get organized
This is the first and the basic step for effective essay creation, though it has nothing to do with the process of writing itself. Organization creates a proper atmosphere that helps you stay motivated and focused on the results. Writing requires deep concentration and involvement in the process, so you should not be distracted by calls, TV, or messages on Facebook.
Besides, this step also includes the organization of your working space. Make sure that you have everything that you need: pens, pencils, paper (if you prefer to write drafts on paper) or laptop. There is a small trick: clean your working place and get rid of everything that can hinder you from writing.
Organization also includes making up a schedule for your further activity. You need to estimate time for writing this paper, decide on when you start the research when you work in the introductory part, and how much time writing the main body will take.

2. Research background
Essay writing demands research. Without it you cannot provide proper facts, create working ideas and support them with examples. Research should always be completed before you start to write your essay. Moreover, it should determine its idea. If you have no clue how to start an essay, use the experience of your colleagues: read academic papers, Wikipedia articles, and online essays on trusted services. Getting acquainted with these papers help catch general idea of what points you should point your attention.
While making a research, use professional literature. Do not rely on internet resources: sometimes, quality of published materials is low, and the presented information is not supported by any scientific facts.

3. Note the ideas
Always note ideas and interesting thoughts that appear during the research process. Moreover, note interesting ideas that other writers present. This technique helps create a proper basis for further development of your thoughts and finding a proper approach for your own paper.
If you are not sure that you can remember all information that you’ve read, you should draw diagrams, create tables and cause-and-effect lines.

4. Choose the style of your writing
Academic writing has a certain demand for the language style. It creates a necessity to investigate writing styles in advance and choose how you will write your paper. Except for the certain clusters and combinations, you should also pay attention to grammatical structure and demands to word choice. Also, check whether you may use expressive means and stylistic devices. Sometimes, an essay should be written in a neutral language with minimal usage of language means.

5. Create vocabulary list for your essay
Word choice is a critical aspect of a successful essay. You should never write a paper in words that you use in everyday life. Academic writing presupposes implementation of formal language with a professional jargon. Besides, a good essay always uses short and clear phrases to avoid ambiguity and double meanings.
Before you start to write you college essay, you should create vocabulary list. Use a thesaurus to enrich the word choice of your essay, find words with a more specific meaning, check professional literature and write down all useful word combinations and expressions.

6. Find strong ideas
When the preparation steps are over, you can start to write your essay. Perhaps, you have thousands of ideas to use in your paper, but you should never use all of them. Choose three strongest ideas and develop them. You should also find facts to support or deny these ideas. Remember that in any academic writing paper you should not only present some ideas, you should develop them and explain why exactly you have chosen them.

7. Follow the structure
Any essay consists of three main parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. There are no exceptions in academic writing. If you miss one part, you lose the points. Moreover, in some colleges and universities, your essay can be declined only because the structure is wrong. However, the existence of all parts does not guarantee you A. All parts should be connected coherently and logically otherwise your paper is a failure.
The most effective way to preserve the logical structure of your essay is to follow a certain pattern during the process of writing. First, you should work upon your main body: thesis and ideas that you want to include, supportive facts and arguments, etc. Only when you have decided on these points, write an introductory part where you should indicate what exactly you are going to analyze and what goals you want to reach. Write the conclusion when the main body and introduction are ready. Your conclusion should outline what you have written in other parts of your essay and bottom a logical line for your research.

8.  Proofread and edit
When you have prepared a draft version of your essay, you should edit and proofread it. Many students neglect this part of academic writing and send draft versions of essays to their professors. Of course, the results disappoint them.
Editing takes time, resources and proper attitude. It is better to take a pause between writing and editing to be able to look at your draft from a new perspective. There are several effective steps and techniques that you should implement while editing your paper: shortening sentences, spell checking and some more. Of course, you can use the services of a professional editor, but you can also proofread your paper by yourself.
Efficient writing requires time and efforts, but the results are worth it. Incorporating the above-mentioned techniques makes the process of essay creation less complicated and more effective. Moreover, these techniques are also effective for other studying processes, and you can make use of them in your everyday studying life!
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