Friday, February 17, 2017

How To Deal With Sexual Harassment At Work Place

This has been a very sensitive topic over time and is most often addressed to women who are always the victims of this dilemma. Sexual harassment at workplace is a common occurrence, in fact study had revealed that generally the female folks are subjected to one form of sexual harassment or the other at their places of work mostly from their male counterpart.

It is not entirely surprising that women go through this problem daily basically owing to the fact that men been sexual predators will always want to explore every means of cajoling their female colleagues into sexual relationships.

It is quite rare that men themselves suffers from sexual harassment at workplace and so this post is basically taking a look at some elementary ways of helping women deal with the problem of workplace sexual molestation been that they are most affected by it.

1. Cover Up Properly.

I would be tempted to say here that almost 50% of women who are sexually molested at workplace are responsible for initiating the problem themselves. Indecent dressing exposing sensitive part of their bodies attracts preying eyes. As a lady, you will not expect men not to molest you sexually if you wear a short skimpy skirt to work. Covering up properly and dressing decently is most important in warding off potential randy male folk. I do not think there is any culture on earth that promotes indecent dressing hence, it is very vital you cover up properly during working hours.

2. Do Not Work in Isolation.

Working in groups or staying around your colleagues can help to prevent anyone coming around to harass you. The open space working environment is usually most preferable to an enclosed office. However, if you are working in a male dominated environment, it is advisable as lady to ensure that you do not isolate yourself as much as possible. Always try to stick with the team.

3. Report Any Sexual Harassment to The Management.

If in the event you have been sexually harassed, it is advisable to immediately report such an incident to the top management of your organization. Most organizations have a set of disciplinary committees who handles unethical and unprofessional issues at workplace. However, if you are not satisfied with the outcome of the internal committee report or response, it is then advisable to involve a personal lawyer who may help in providing legal advice.

4. The Ring.

I am not sure of how effective this method is, however it is revealed that in order to ward off men, most unmarried ladies have resolved to put on a wedding ring to work claiming that they are married all in a bit to scare away randy men and solicitate respect from colleagues. Well, i don’t if this truly helps but if it does, i recommend it is used by ladies to mitigate sexual harassment at workplaces.

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