Tuesday, February 14, 2017

How To Keep Your Job During The Recession Period

The recession period comes with a high rate of job cuts and massive layoff because of the inability of most companies and organizations to pay their employees. For most countries that have experienced recession in the world, high unemployment rate is a major problem as the cost of paying for labor becomes very high leading to a low demand in labor.

During recession prices of goods and services increases making it hard for people to afford goods and employers to pay their employees. During this period, most employers downsize their workforce and keep a small active and competent portion of their workers.

However, as an employee it is advisable to put in your best working hat during this period in other to avoid the hammer falling on you. Past records and appraisals are most often used by the top management to ascertain employees that are less productive.

Even though it is expected as an employee to work hard for your organization, it is however not a guarantee that during recession times you might be spared of the layoffs. Here are few tips to follow to gain advantage over other employees during planned layoff by management.

1. Be Creative and Think of How To Value To Organization.

This is probably the most important thing to do to put yourself in save position during a planned job cut by the top management team of your company. In as much as it is not pleasant for the organization to throw away bulk of its workforce, they are only thinking of keeping those that can really add value to them. Thinking outside the box and coming with new ideas of how to grow the organization is a great way of adding value to your organization. Also, since most organizations are profit making, proposing ways of saving money for your organization by coming up with a good financial model could also end you some points. There are a lot of areas you leverage on help your company think of them.

2. Volunteer Yourself For The Dirty Job.

I know this might sound stupid but come to think of it, if you are layoff who will do the dirty job? Nobody likes been loaded with extra job aside from his or her routine tasks. You might think your boss is not watching, wait till the d day approach. Been good at volunteering yourself is a simple way of selling yourself. We all are endeared to humble people.

3. Be Punctual.

You got to show how passionate you are to your work by been punctual to work. Late coming means one thing which is " I am tired of this job". Been probably the first to arrive at the office and settling in early to do your job signifies passion for the job.

4. Commitment and Loyalty.

It is of great essence to emphasis on the need of been committed and loyal as an employee to the mission and vision of your organization. Commitment to the goals and objectives of the organization makes you part of the organization. The opposite of these two virtues will put an employee at a disadvantage position of been laid off.
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