Friday, February 17, 2017

10 Ways to make money while in school

There is no law against making extra income while learning part-time or full-time. As a student, especially in the tertiary institution, life will be a lot easier if there was more money to spend.
There are a lot of avenues to make money from fellow students by rendering services that are constantly in demand within the learning environment. Thinking of how to make extra income while learning?

Here are 10 ways to make money while in school.

  1. Render bulk sms services.
With as little as N5,000 you can start  bulk sms business. Departments, organizations, fellowships and associations regularly need to stay in touch with their members. You can offer to send bulk sms to their members for a fee.
  1. Catering Services.
There is always a form or celebration on campus, from birthdays, matriculation, convocation, dinner night and so many others. If you are skilled in cooking dishes or baking cakes and snacks, you can offer your services at students price to people who require your services.

  1. Tech Assistance.
If you are tech savvy, you can offer assistance as students constantly need to repair their phones, laptops, and other gadgets. By charging a student price, this is a very easy way to make money while schooling.
  1. Graphic Design.
If you know your way around a design software,  you can design cards, banners, stickers, for events on campus for a little fee.
  1. Photography and videography.
Students constantly need digital passports, for one reason or the other. If you have the necessary skill and tools ( digital camera and laptop) you can take photographs and also engage in video coverage of events and happenings on campus. This is a very reliable way to make extra bucks while learning.
  1. Barbing or Hair dressing.
If you know how to use the clipper or know how to make ladies hair, then you stand a chance to make a lot of money at your spare time offering your services around the campus. You don’t necessarily need a salon, you can move from hostel to hostel advertising your services and with time build a customer base.
  1. Sales of fashion stuff.
Guys and girls, especially the girls are always looking to keep up with fashion trends and they are always on the look out to buy new stuffs. If you have an eye for good stuffs and know where to get them cheap, you can resell them on campus and make a lot of profit doing this.

  1. T-shirt customization.
Year in year out, associations and departments engage in final year parties that require members to wear a uniform attire. If you can design inscriptions on shirts, then you will make a lot money customizing shirts for numerous students, most times the orders can become too much, so make sure to stick to what you can deliver.
  1. Business centre.
This will require a lot of capital to buy needed materials like computers, scanners, printers, stationeries e.t.c. Students always need to make copies, print and scan documents from time to time. If you can set up a business centre to render these services then you stand to make a lot of return on investment.
  1. Laundry and dry cleaning services.
This is another way to make money while schooling, students need laundry services to take care of their laundry. If you can provide a washing machine or two, with a generator due to power problem, an ironing table and get an extra hand or two to assist, you can set up a laundry mart close to school and render your services.
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