Sunday, January 8, 2017

Top 5 Reasons Why Applicants Fail Job Interview

Interviews are important process carried out to ascertain the best candidate(s) for job placement and it usually comes after those applicants who meet the required criteria have been shortlisted by the HR department of an organization. 

Be it a face to face or an online interview, here are the five main reasons why most people do not perform optimally during the interview phase of their job hunt.

1. Lack of Preparation:
The lack of adequate preparation for an interview can produce a disastrous result. Apart from performing below expectation  which will obviously land you in the interviewer's list of unsuccessful candidates, little or no preparation for an interview can produce a lasting unpleasant experience.

To excel in any interview requires adequate and thorough preparation which may include practicing some common interview Questions & Answers beforehand. This is the first thing i recommend you always do.

2. Inadequate Information:
Inability to gather vital information about the company or firm that invites you for the interview can affect your performance at the interview especially if questions relating to the organization are been asked.

Failure to give tangible information or observations about the company to your interviewer may simply indicates that you did not do your homework in terms of making an in depth research about their organization.

Hence, the second thing to do when preparing for an interview after studying some of the frequently asked interview questions is to visit the company's website to extract valuable information you need to know about the company composition, functionality and the overall mission and vision governing them.

3. Limited Presentation Skills.
Although not always mentioned as one of the major factor to poor interview performance, the inability to coordinate and present your responses and facts to the interviewer can limit ones chances of excelling at the interview.

Good presentation skills is required to adequately articulate your points and drive your responses a to a logical conclusion. To improve your presentation skills, see this article on how to enhance your public presentation skills.

4. Arriving Late For Interview.
Late arrival for an interview can put you under intense pressure which may drastically affect your ability to coordinate yourself when responding to questions. Been under pressure can blank you out making you to forgot about all that you have prepared for.

It is very important we arrive before time to the venue of the interview in order to settle down and have ample of enough time to put our acts together before the interview commences.

5. Phobia to Face People.
This point may seem irrelevant but study have revealed that most people totally avoid interviews because of their inability to face the interviewers. The thoughts of embarrassing themselves if they do not perform well during the interview is cited as the main reason for the fear of facing the interviewer. The fear of degrading their ego, self worth and esteem was also mentioned as another important factor they cannot afford to lay bare in front of another person.
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