Sunday, January 8, 2017

6 Things Employers Are Really Looking For

What qualities are employers really looking for from candidates during an interview?

Haven done your homework and ready to face your interviewer, these are the six basic things you should have at the back of your mind that your employer will be looking for:

1. Confidence: As you walk into the interview room, maintain an eye contacts. You do not want to look at the floor or stare into a blank space while the interview is looking or talking to you. Eye contact transmits a lot of message about your confidentiality. As s formal salutation gives your interviewer a handshake if he or she offers one. A firm grip handshake tells your interviewer you are set and ready to roll. Your attire matters a lot so boost yourself confidence by dressing decent, formal and sharp. Remember the way your dress is the way you will be address.

2. Personality: Keep a smile on your face. You do not want to walk into the interview room looking sad. It’s just an interview so relax! It's not a matter of life and death. You may also want to pop up a small casual talk with the interviewer by narrating for example how you almost missed your direction to the venue but depended on kind gesture of the people around and probably commending them for having nice people around. Spark up a joke to un-tense the atmosphere. Remain calm and focus as the interview commences.

3. Enthusiasm: Be happy and positive while walking into the interview room. Show some excitement  by asking questions. You can literally turn the interview to a discussion session were you end up even teaching your interviewer what they don’t know about the job position.  Speak up and be audible, having done your research about the company it is time to impress your interviewer with your findings about their organization which they might not know.
Your interviewer at first glance usually notices your excitement and the enthusiastic about being given the opportunity to talk about the job position so do not screw up this great chance.

4. Work Ethic: unfortunate most people don’t take this serious. Going late to an interview shows your attitude towards time management. Some interview process takes time into consideration as part of the interview process hence been a late comer already describes your attitude to keeping to worth ethic.

5. Dedication: You may talk about the things that are engaging and ways you have shown passion and dedication being part of certain activities in school or at your previous work. Most organization want candidates that are dedicated and devoted hence it is advisable and to demonstrate this by highlighting how devoted you were in fostering the growth of your previous organization.

6. Team Player: Always make ensure you are nice to the least important people you meet in your interview venue. Starting from the receptionist to the security personnel. You may never know the role these people are playing in the whole interview process.
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